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Francis Pitard Sampling Gold Medal closeup

Dr. Francis FPitard - Sampling Gold Medal 

Excellence in Teaching and Application of the Theory of Sampling


  •    Identify and Minimize Invisible Costs
  •    Accurate and Precise Sampling
  •    Determine Variability Origins
  •    Quantify Variability Costs

For over 3 decades FPSC has provided professional sampling consultation services and educational programs to many of the world's leading companies engaged in such diverse activities as base metals, precious metals, coal mining, steel, aluminum, and base metals smelting, petroleum exploration and production, chemical manufacturing, environmental monitoring and power generation, etc.

FPSC is a recognized international expert in all aspects of Total Quality Management, Sampling, Statistical Process Control, and the practical application of statistical methods for problem solving. Dr. Francis F. Pitard is a recipient of Pierre Gy's gold medal for excellence in teaching and application of the Theory of Sampling. He is also a member of the Scientific Commitee of the World Conference on Sampling and Blending.

Francis Pitard Sampling Consultants (FPSC) remains steadfastly committed to providing its clients with Total Quality Management, Sampling and Statistical Process Control programs of uncompromising quality and value.

The FPSC "raison d'etre" is the improvement of its client's profitability. Comprehensive consulting services remain focused on developing cost and time saving solutions throughout mining, milling, exploration, production, and manufacturing operations.

Good Sampling may be a necessity, however, minimizing the amount of good Sampling by understanding variability carried by existing data may be better.  FPSC helps clients to achieve harmony between these two concepts, a powerful insurance policy against profit losses.

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