Consulting - Standard Services

Thoroughly Review Existing Sampling Practices

  •    Review and evaluate existing data
  •    Extract veiled and unapparent information from existing data
  •    Assess existing sampling and subsampling protocol validity
  •    Recommend appropriate sampling protocols

Thoroughly Review Existing Sampling Systems

  •    Determine design, installation, and/or maintenance defects
  •    Recommend appropriate system and/or procedural modifications
  •    Determine probabilistic solutions to enhance existing systems

Determine Cost Benefits of Probabilistic and Correct Sampling

  •    Analyze the cost benefits of better process performance
  •    Analyze the cost benefits of better mineral recovery and product quality
  •    Analyze the cost benefits of better decision making and solutions definitions

The Work Product

A complete report that reviews current operations, identifies sources of variability, recommends corrective actions, and suggests ancillary programs to further improve operational effectiveness.  Detailed narratives explain the often complex and interwoven functions that can result in PROFIT or LOSS.  Wherever practical, FPSC reports include comprehensive graphics to illustrate and pinpoint items of statistical significance.  Clear and unambiguous analyses, with recommendations, provide operational alternatives to counter negative findings and to capitalize on positive findings.

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