Continuing Education

Our popular continuing education programs are updated with new approaches and content developed from our field consulting experiences. A new series of condensed, highly effective open enrollment courses focusing on the decision-making needs of executives, engineers, metallurgists, geologists, and other key professionals will be available for Sampling, TQM, SPC, and statistics.

Melding the pragmatism of real world experience with advanced statistical concepts, FPSC's educational programs will continue to bring understandable and pragmatic solutions to mining operations throughout the world.

  • Open registration short courses sponsored by various organizations throughout the year
  • On-site short courses customized to your industry using your data for real life examples can revolutionize problem solving

FPSC invites you to sponsor open enrollment or customized on-site courses, for your company. Some suggested course offerings are:

  • Sampling for Exploration and Ore Grade Control
  • Variography, Chronostatistics, and Effective Management of Process Variability
  • Sampling Theory: Optimization of Sampling Protocols
  • A Strategy to Minimize Ore Grade Reconciliation Problems Between the Mine and the Mill
  • Correct Sampling and Cost Reduction Opportunities at the Mill
  • Sampling and Process Control of Coal
  • Sampling of Gold
  • Sampling and Process Control for Cement Plants

Please send your suggested topic, location, and date(s) to FPSC at


Every fall the Colorado School of Mines hosts Dr. Francis Pitard's short course on Sampling Theory, Sampling Practices and their Economic Impact.

Register for fall 2023 - 5 day course - “Sampling Theory, Sampling Practices, and Their Economic Impact”,

October 2023 - Golden, Colorado USA -

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